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i finally got around to watching The Dog Problem with commentary and i have to say OH MY GOD!!! Scott and Giovanni are freaking hilarious!

S: When I'm acting I can't talk. I just have to watch myself, you know?
G: Me too! When you're acting I can't--
S: Yeah Giggles And you're in every, every scene.
G: Giggles No--
S: Oh, when I'm acting you can't talk.
G: Yeah, exactly. I mean, look at that chest hair!
S: Yesss!

G: It was kinda great because it's just gonna like throw caution to the wind & jump in & you know try to remember the words and just you know...
S: Yeah the wordy words?
G: Yeah, I think--
S: Yeah? You weren't supposed to agree with me.
G: Oh! No! I wasn't, I wasn't...I wasn't listening, I'm sorry. I was, I was just watching it.
S: That's your problem.

S: Again, I can't speak, because I'm watching myself.
G: No, you're great--
S: I have good hair. My hair was--
G: You hair is great.

G: Give me some back up Scotty!
S: What were you saying?
G: Oh, ah--
S: I'm kidding. Both start to laugh

S: Directors that have to audition people too much are mmmhh, slightly, a little insecure. Oops, now I'm never getting a job ever...again.
G: No, no it's alright.

S: So we needed the sexiest movie pans to Scott's character as he's talking & there he is, the sexiest person. No, Sara Shahi, not me.
G: No--
S: Her right there.

S: Is she single?
G: Uh, no.
S: Damn it!

S: I'm single. So if anybody watching this is--what?
G: Really?
S: Yeah.
G: Oh.
S: Are you?
G: No.
S: You're not?
G: Nope. I'm not single.
S: I'm so lonely.
G: Laughs

S: I'm no longer that handsome guy in the back.
G: No, you're definitely handsome.
S: No, I'm not. I'm just lonely.

S: What's that?
G: Did I ruin the movie?
S: You're beautiful.

G: I didn't mean to be an asshole, I'm sorry.
S: No, I asked you to do it.
G: Okay.
S: And about being an asshole, there's nothing you can do about that. laughs
G: laughs You're right.

S: Oh, this is by the way Queens of the Stone Age. Josh, uh wrote this song for us, did me a huge favor. Basically did it for free. Now he hates me.
G: Does he really?
S: No, he loves me. I love him. We're running away together.

S: This is my favorite shot in the movie.
G: Laughs You've said that three times.
S: Laughs God I love myself, right?

S: How's those underwear? Sexy right?
G: Precedent.
S: Precedent or unprecedented?
G: Unprecedented.
S: Okay, thank you.

G: The thing that I can't stop thinking about in this shot is how short I look!
S: Don't you dare say that!
G: I'm kidding!
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"I've been calling you like you owe me money."
~Danny Hawaii Five-0 1x10

Jeremy: This year a motoring icon is celebrating its fortieth birthday.
James: Richard Hammond?
Jeremy: No, he's thirty eight. Same as he was last year, and the year before. Mind you, it's his birthday next week, isn't it?
James: Oh it is actually, then he'll be thirty eight.
Richard: Yes, alright, funny, funny.
Jeremy: Thirty eight year old Richard Hammond!
Richard: I am! Thank you, very much.
~Top Gear 12x05

Jeremy: Ah, yes. I brought that. Yeah, well, you might— I thought—
Richard: That's an AK-47.
Jeremy: I know. I thought I might need it.
Richard: Why?
Jeremy: A weekend in a box with James May and I thought, what am I gonna need?
Richard: You're not a practical man, are you?
~Top Gear 8x06

"I did it out of love Marge! Love of not being arrested!"
~Homer Simpson

Carter: Yeah, it's been happening all day. Uh, Jo kissed me, but I didn't put it together.
Stark: Deputy Lupo kissed you and you didn't think there was anything wrong with that?
Carter: Well, I've been working out. I'm looking pretty good.
~Eureka 2x11

"I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave."
~Jareth Labyrinth

Danny: What are you doing here?
Steve: Came to ask you a question.
Danny: You did? Well, if it's to the prom, I already have a date, but I'm flattered, thank you.
~Hawaii Five-0 1x08

Steve: Just for the record, if I pulled something like this, you'd be reading me the riot act about proper police procedure.
Danny: No, I'd probably just arrest you.
Steve: Compared to this, hanging a guy off a roof or throwing a guy in a shark cage is pretty tame.
Danny: No, I disagree, I think the shark cage was way worse than this.
Steve: Whatever. You're wrong. I'm just saying to be clear, next time I get a free pass.
~Hawaii Five-0 1x08

Danny: That’s really good… Impressive…. Did you learn that in SEAL school?
Steve: Yes, it's called using the internet. People have been doing it since the early ‘90s. You may of heard of it.
Danny: I wouldn't know, I was still playing Ms. Pac-man.
Steve: Oh yeah?
Danny: Yeah.
Steve: Ever make it to the double pretzel level?
Danny: Triple banana, bitch.
~Hawaii Five-0 1x05

"Jesus was not a zombie!"
~Booth Bones

Carter: (about the blob) I should be able to handle a mindless eating machine.
Allison: (glaring) You looked at me again.
Carter: Oh, no. The- No, no, I was the... you're pretty.
Tess: Ooh, nice save.
~Eureka 3x12

Nathan Stark: Of all people to bring out of cryostasis I resurrect another Fargo.
Jack Carter: Yeah, karma's a bitch.
~Eureka 2x07

Danny: Hey, just so you know, other guy putting the ball in hoop is a bad thing.
Steve: Danno, shut up, alright.
Danny: Yo, do me a favor, don't call me Danno.
Skeet: How long you two been married?
~Hawaii Five-0 1x04


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